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Special Notice Regarding COVID-19 Procedures Immediately Implemented at Cross Sound Law Group:

Office Hours. Cross Sound Law Group will continue to operate and assist clients with their legal matters during this public health crisis.  However, per the recommended guidelines to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the following changes are being made:

Office hours:      Mon-Thurs.        9:00 AM- 4: 00 PM

Friday                  Closed

Minimizing Persons in Office.  Please do not plan on coming to the office in person unless specifically requested to do so. Do not plan on dropping off documents, instead mail and email should be used when possible. We are trying to minimize office traffic as much as possible, therefore any non-essential in-person meetings will be done via voice or video conferencing. Our legal team is impacted by the school closures, so during the week, one or many of us may be working remotely from home.  Emails and phone messages will still be returned timely as much as possible.  If you do not reach a person during the above stated hours, please leave a message, as we will be checking voicemail regularly.

Case status.  The Attorneys will continue working on your legal matters.  Due to the Court’s also minimizing people coming to court, our current schedules are in flux.  We will be giving priority to those cases currently in litigation that have upcoming dates or deadlines.  We are working with the Courts, appearing by phone to ensure any case in litigation is being timely handled as much as possible.  Bankruptcy cases will also move forward, although most appearance will be by phone. Any questions you have regarding the changes in your Bankruptcy case can be addressed to our attorney Brittany Arnold-Cline at [email protected].   For Non-litigation cases (i.e. Wills, estate plans, document preparations, probates, etc.) we will send documents for you to review by email in a PDF.

Office Sanitation. We are sanitizing all high-use areas in our office twice a day. We are using anti-bacterial wipes to wipe all door handles, light switches, water cooler and coffee machine areas. When clients must come into the office to sign documents we will sanitize the conference table and chairs before and after their use.

Cross Sound Law Group is a general practice law firm which places an emphasis in Real Estate & Property Law. In addition to Real Estate & Property Law, we also handle cases involving Business Law & Formations, Estate Planning, Wills, & Probates, Criminal Law & DUI’s, and Appeals . Please navigate to the individual pages to find out more about each type of law we practice. When you are facing any legal issues, you deserve to have a knowledgeable and understanding counsel standing on your side and guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming legal system.

We serve Kitsap, Jefferson & Clallam Counties, Washington and are conveniently located in Poulsbo, Washington. We offer $100 consultation meetings with one of our attorneys.  Call and schedule an appointment today to find out what your legal rights are and what legal routes are available to you in handling your matter.

Legal Areas

Real Estate & Property Law

Cross Sound Law Group focuses on Real Estate and Real Property Law in Kitsap County, Jefferson County and Clallam County, Washington. We handle all areas of Real Estate and Property Law, from simple Quit Claim Deeds and Real Estate Contracts to the more complex, including: Read More

Estate Planning, Wills & Probates

Cross Sound Law Group can help you get your estate planning documents in order. It’s something many people choose to put off, but these matters are far too important to delay as life can be unpredictable. Read More


Cross Sound Law Group handles appeals in the Washington State Appellate Courts and the Washington State Supreme Court. Read More

Business Law & Formations

Are you starting a new business in Kitsap, Jefferson, or Clallam County, Washington? A strong foundation is the best place to start to ensure your new business is a successful one. Cross Sound Law Group can advise you on the process of determining which type of business entity to form and the various legal documents and business licenses needed for your business. Read More


Individuals and businesses sometimes find themselves in difficult financial situations. When that happens, one question commonly asked is “Should I file bankruptcy?” Read More

Notice of Foreclosure

If you have received a letter stating your mortgage has been submitted for foreclosure, and Cross Sound Law Group PLLC is listed as the designated attorney for the financial institution, please call our office at 360-598-2350 to discuss your options for avoiding foreclosure. You may also email us at [email protected]